Integrated security system

General features (for all modules)

The HADstair design software integrates its modules into the market-leading design software (AutoCAD, BricsCAD, ZWCAD), so there is no need to buy new software and learn how to use it.

These additional features are integrated in a new user interface to make design workflows simple, fast and automatic.

Of course, the program’s limits go beyond the creation of drawings, so that you can also produce the full documentation required for your designs. In addition, we have built in a number of additional control features to keep unwanted errors to a minimum.

  • Automatic floor plan cleaning
  • Facilitated tool extraction
  • Entry of elements on the drawing
  • Element search
  • Assign devices to foil
  • Stamp management and paper space (layout) with group renaming
  • Automatic wiring
  • Room seal assembly
  • Room book creation
  • Material tender / Budget tender creation
  • Drawing up of explanatory notes with calculation of number of devices and cable lengths

System-specific functions

  • System/Product specific device addressing
  • TvMI compatible sensor output
  • Preparation of schematic drawing
  • Label list creation
  • Product specific element set
  • Preparation of conceptual drawing (schematic drawing, system engineering) per loop, per voice line or even for the complete system
  • Automatic addressing
  • Loop numbering, zone numbering
  • Manufacturer and make dependent addressing
  • Duplicate address detection
  • Extended numbering, when certain devices are re-addressed, the addresses of the associated elements are also changed
  • Loop load calculation
  • Zone detection
  • Loop detection
  • Current demand calculation
  • Label list generation
  • Installation list creation

What are we good at?

Structured networks

Fire alarm systems

Security solutions

Camera systems

Access control systems

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