Zsolt Pivarcsi – owner, managing director

About us

Briefly about ZRÍNYI

Our specialists at ZRÍNYI Ltd. gained their experience over the years as a professional firefighters, engineers and explosion protection experts. On top of nuclear facilities, the rich reference of our employees includes pharmaceuticals, and oil and gas facilities. We are also proficient in designing and developing healthcare institutions, community and residential properties, so you can find our solutions around the market both in industry and commerce.

Our credibility and expertise made is evident the fact that we not only follow the direction of the regulatory legal environment, but also actively participate in shaping and developing it. Our services are an integral part of the protection of life and property. Not the “necessary bad”, that merely increases costs, but the “necessary plus” that creates value and saves lives.

Our team of experts is constantly working to keep you and your company safe.
Trust our team with your fire- and explosion protection!

Focus activities

Things we’re really good at!

Fire protection design

  • Designing built-in fire alarm systems
  • Designing built-in fire fighting systems
  • Preparation of construction fire safety permit documentation
  • Overseeing building fire protection permit procedure
  • Designing passive fire protection systems
  • Designing wall hydrant networks
  • Underground fire water network designing
  • Heat and smoke extraction system designing
  • Evacuation plan designing
  • Layout design of fire-extinguishers
  • Fire load determination
  • Creation of fire protection design documentation for buildings, structures, facilities
  • Designing fire safety documentation

Explosion protection design

  • Source ignition analysis
  • Develop corrective and risk reduction measures
  • Creation of explosion protection documentation
  • Hazardous area classification
  • Design of explosion safety technological systems
  • Explosion protection mode determination for electrical- and mechanical equipment
  • Designing gas detection system

Design control, technical inspections, consulting

  • Technical inspection of construction projects regarding explosion protection
  • Technical inspection of construction projects regarding fire protection
  • Power plant risk assessment
  • Consultancy on explosion protection
  • Consultancy on fire protection
  • Standardization consulting
  • Advising on issues related to manufacturer certification

Computer fire modeling

  • Fire- smookspread modeling of facilities
  • Evacuation modeling of facilities
  • Evacuation modeling of high-rise buildings and skyscrapers
  • Hydraulic modeling of extinguisher systems



  • What target software does the fire protection planner use?


  • Annexes


  • Possibilities of active fire protection systems and security elevators at evacuation of multi-storey buildings


  • Real time visual fire detection possibilities inside of facilities